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Learn the Specific Techniques I Used to Speak Six Languages in My Spare Time

"My method gives you the step-by-step system to learn
ANY language and:

  1. Reach conversational fluency in a fraction of the time it normally takes (months instead of years).
  2. Discover how to speak any language well enough to "survive" in a country in just 7 to 21 days.
  3. Finally get over the “beginner” or low intermediate level where you've been stuck for all these years!

Dear friend,

You’re probably already aware of the power, fun, advantages and prestige that knowing more than one language can bring you.

Yet, if you’re like most people, you probably find it very hard to imagine that you could learn to effectively communicate in any language in just a few weeks, and achieve conversational fluency within a few months. Total mastery takes longer, but it is also achievable.

You may have experienced the seemingly insurmountable difficulties in trying to effectively learn a foreign language.

I’m talking about the years and years of study, the frustration of not being able to communicate after having completed an “intermediate” course, and the general feeling that achieving fluency in a foreign language is probably not a possibility for you.

Maybe you’re just not “talented” with languages...?

All the while, you probably know a few people who can express themselves fluently in three, four or even more languages. What is their special trick? What is their gift?

Well it’s no “gift” but it is indeed a little bit of a trick. It’s actually a series of tricks and techniques that can actually allow anyone to learn the language of their choice in a very short period of time.

They’ve been used by linguists, by several world travelers and even by special agents working for high-level governmental agencies.

Did you know that during World-War II, the government turned normal citizens into Japanese/English interpreters in just a few months?

Did you know that there is actually no limit to the number of languages you can learn, and that many people in the world can actually speak more than 10 languages (and no, it’s not because they were born in a multi-cultural family)?

Actually, in creating this product, I have interviewed and talked with such people. One is a man who can speak over 26 languages.

Now that sounds completely outrageous, but what I’ve discovered is that it’s actually within the reach of anyone to learn any language they want and do it on their own, and be able to communicate effectively in just 21 days (achieving “fluency” takes longer, but not as long as you might imagine).

If you’re curious to learn more about this amazing method, read on... But before we get there, I want to talk about something else, in case you’re not sure “why” you actually NEED to know at least ONE foreign language.

It’s No Longer “Optional” to Speak Another Language

A few decades ago, US high schools didn’t think seriously about including mandatory foreign language education in their curriculum. That’s because of the arrogant mentality prevalent at the time. They felt that the rest of the world would just learn our language so we didn’t have to worry learning theirs.

Nowadays, it’s become a very much needed and, more often than not, essential advantage to at least speak another foreign language, if not more than one!

With the expansion of the Latino population in the US, and increased tourism in Spanish-speaking countries, some knowledge of Spanish is quite often necessary.

With world globalization, those who stand a chance to just survive, economically speaking, in the next decades will need to face the reality of cultures colliding and the increasing necessity of having some knowledge of some key languages, including:

  • French

  • Mandarin Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Arabic

  • Korean

  • German

  • And others!

Your Life After Learning a New Language

Imagine what your life would be with the knowledge of a new language. You may think it may get a little better. But you have no idea how many benefits you’ll get from knowing one or more foreign languages.

Imagine being able to express yourself in that language, make friends, travel, and speak fluently... and open yourself to a world of exciting possibilities.  

No matter what you think, the knowledge of another language is useful and increasingly necessary.

But the endeavor of learning languages is such a daunting one that most people never actually succeed with it.

The Unsuccessful Way of Learning

Let’s take a moment to think about how languages are traditionally taught, so we can kiss this unsuccessful method a big, “good bye” forever.

Imagine you decide you want to learn French, perhaps for an upcoming trip to Paris. In your enthusiasm, you decide to revive your high-school French (which never got you anywhere) by signing up for a 6-week course at your local community college.

Six weeks later, you’ve attended all the classes, and even completed your homework assignments. By the time you get to Paris, you feel a little more confident about your ability to get around using French.

Once in Paris, you’re ready to order a coffee or an orange juice on the Champs-Elysées.

To your shock and amazement, the waiter has no idea what you’re trying to say. And throughout your trip, you realize that your French is terrible, almost as much as it used to, and so you reluctantly give up your linguistic aspiration and decide to revert to “Ugly American Who Only Speaks English” mode for the remainder of your trip.

How I Would Prepare for Such a Trip

There are some languages that I learn in order to speak them fluently and be able to discuss every topic under the sun without making many mistakes.

Those are my "all-star" languages like Spanish, German, English and French.

Then there are some languages that I've studied in just a few days or weeks in order to communicate effectively with the locals while traveling. In some cases, I did it in just 7 days. And I would say that I was doing better than most people after an entire year in a language class!

The truth is, no one can claim to be able to learn to speak a foreign language fluently in just 7 days. But what you can do is learn to speak the core of a language, enough to get you around without needing a translator if you follow my method.

Of course, after that, you can also use my method to learn the language even better, to eventually reach conversational fluency, and then language mastery (being able to express yourself fully on any topic and read novels, newspapers and magazines or watch movies without subtitles).

And you can do that in a fraction of the time most people spend (unsuccessfully) learning a foreign language.

Your Life After Learning a New Language

Imagine what your life would be with the knowledge of a new language. You may think it may get a little better. But you have no idea how many benefits you’ll get from knowing one or more foreign languages.

Imagine being able to express yourself in that language, make friends, travel, and speak fluently... and open yourself to a world of exciting possibilities.  

No matter what you think, the knowledge of another language is useful and increasingly necessary.

But the endeavor of learning languages is such a daunting one that most people never actually succeed with it.

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The Theory Behind the Course

I was always interested in foreign languages, but it took me a long time to become a polyglot.

I was always impressed when I met people who spoke 3, 4, 5 or even 6 languages. I thought they must have had some kind of gift, or had the fortune of being raised in a multi-lingual family.

What I discovered is that polyglots (people who speak several languages) are self-taught. And that the way they learn languages is radically different that the method I was taught in school.

I became obsessed with finding out the secrets of these people. I interviewed several polyglots (including Barry Farber, author of How to Learn Any Language, who can speak in over 25 tongues), read several out-of-print books in four languages and developed the method I now use to learn languages.

As opposed to many professional polyglots on YouTube who make it their goal to learn as many languages as possible as a full-time job, I have multiple hobbies and languages is only one of them.

Therefore, I must emphacise the fact that I learned languages in my spare time and having more fun than I ever thought was possible.

The results of this part-time endeavor?

In addition to my native French, I also speak English, German and Spanish fluently. By "fluent" I mean that I can communicate about every possible topic in these languages, and can read a wide range of litterature without a dictionary.

I also speak Brazilian Portuguese and Italian, although not as perfectly, but I'll be working on these languages soon to bring them to the same level as my other "all-star" languages.

I also studied many other languages that I might go back to one day, such as Russian, Czech and Greek.

"I was able to learn some very useful Spanish in such a short time"

As all of other Fred's books, the How To Learn Any Language in a Flash provides 'no-nonsense', 'all-inclusive' and step by step process as to how to learn any language in a jiffy. And it worked! Had 4 weeks before my trip to Ecuador to learn some Spanish, procrastinated for 2 weeks ; but still was able to learn some very useful Spanish for my trip in such a short time...would not be able to do it without Fred's support - THANKS!


"Schools should be teach learning new languages with the approach outlined in book!"

I took 3 years of Spanish classes in High School, but I never learned to speak in Spanish.

In all 3 years we always focused heavily on grammar but not enough on vocabulary. I would always have think about exactly what I wanted to say, and then try to translate it, and oftentimes, when I was done translating it in my mind, I had already forgotten the beginning of what I wanted to say! It was very hard and very stressful.

However, with THIS method, you don't focus on grammar so much in the beginning. In fact, not at all! You focus ENTIRELY on vocabulary, and then focus on just speaking with what's inside your new vocabulary, not worrying about grammar at all.

Then you speak to people all of the time in your new language which gets you in the habit of speaking your mind, and not worrying about saying things the right way or the wrong way. You just DO it!

And then later you focus on grammar, which is easier to learn than it would have been had you learned in school because you're already used to speaking your mind, and then all you have to do is get used to adjusting your speech to follow the rules, little-by-little.

Learning with this book makes a whole lot more sense, and I believe schools should be teach learning new languages with the approach outlined in book!

Bradenton, Florida

"I Got a Lot of Help and Understanding"

Frederic, Learn a Language in a Flash was just the jump-start I needed to begin learning Spanish. I've wanted to do so for a long time, and also have been eagerly awaiting the reissue of your language course - so glad you've republished it and are sharing it with the world now! Along with your 21-Day Learning Challenge, I have made already laid the groundwork as a speaker and writer of Spanish! If you've been putting off your dream of learning a language, Fred's course is THE TICKET! 

Julie Ann Turner

"I took my knowledge to the next level"

I found the program "How to Learn Any Language in a Flash" a great way to get inspired, I could already speak Danish when I started the program but in applying the techniques I took my knowledge to the next level and am now able to have more in depth conversations with the people that are in my life here in Denmark. 


Tillie Burden
København, Denmark


This new course has been completely revised for 2018.


How to Learn Any Language in a Flash
Frederic Patenaude

Fourth Edition Edition


The 2018 Edition has been revised from the grounds up. Over 60% of the content is brand new! In this new edition, you will discover:
  • Why immersion programs fail to deliver the promised results. You think you'll learn the language by directly going to the country is being surrounded by native speakers? This generally does not work unless you are first conversationally fluent, which is better learned at home!

  • Why watching movies and TV program in foreign language does not really help most people get better (and what to do instead).

    The number one mistake most people make when attempting to learn a foreign language.

  • The 7 steps to language learning that the Guinness Record, most amazing linguist alive today used to learn 50 languages in less than 3 years.

  • The story of some of the most amazing polyglots of our time and the secrets behind their “genius” with languages.

  • Why formal language education doesn’t work.

  • How to reached an advanced level (completely fluency) when you've been stuck at a beginner or intermediate level for a long time.
  • Ingenious tricks to remember vocabulary at least 10 times more efficiently.

  • What to do if you have to speak a language in a short period of time, like three three weeks (or days!) (I’m talking about an unexpected trip, or you’ve just fallen in love and you don’t want the language barrier get in your way!)

  • How to “relax” yourself into easy learning so that it’s no longer a chore to study but a pleasure.

  • Language learning "menus" depending on your level of motivation and time available. What you should do if you have 15-30 minutes, one hour or two hours a day!

    What to do if you have no time and little energy available? I give you my “Lazy guide to effective language learning

  • Where to find complete high-quality, free lessons in any language you’d like to learn, without having to sit in front of your computer all day

  • How to reach the magic turnaround point that is needed to really progress when learning a language.

  • And much more.

This is not a method to learn Spanish, or German, or French specifically, but rather, a method you can use to learn ANY language.


If you’re still not sure about your own ability to learn a foreign language in a short period of time, it’s probably because you are still holding on to some misconceptions and myths about learning languages. Let’s take a look at these myths and expose them for what they are, once and for all.

MYTH #1: A child can learn faster than an adult.

Probably the number one myth about learning languages is the idea that a child can somehow learn faster than an adult. As controversial as it may sound, let me say that actually, an adult can learn a language much faster than a child!

Using her intelligence, an adult can learn a language and in greater depth than a child ever could, within a limited timeframe.

It’s true that an adult learning a foreign language will have more difficulties imitating a native accent with 100% accuracy.

But adults can still learn much faster than a child when the proper techniques are applied.

Children learn languages because they are “forced” to. For them, it’s a question of survival. They also practice constantly, day in, day out.

Adults have an advantage over children when it comes to learning languages. First, they have already mastered one language. And second, they have more knowledge and reference points that they can use to their advantage. And also, their brain is more developed.

With the right system and techniques, you can certainly learn it faster than a child.

MYTH #2 — Just watch some TV and movies and you’ll learn it automatically.

Another common myth is that you can just learn a language by engaging in “passive” learning such as watching TV and listening to the radio in the foreign language.

That simply doesn’t work. What works is “active” learning, which means anything that requires active participation on your part.

You can watch some foreign movies, sure, but it’s not going to do you any good until you have a very strong base of vocabulary.

MYTH #3 — Immerse yourself in the language right away by going to the country and you’ll learn naturally. 

Past the age of around 11, we loose our ability to learn languages “naturally”. Thus, it is absolutely worthless to try to immerse yourself in the language right away by watching foreign movies, going to the country immediately or just trying to “pick it up.” You have to learn a language as an adult with the mind of an adult.

Being in the right environment does NOT guarantee that you will learn the language. It just makes it easier to practice once you have something to work with. But just being there and trying to “pick it up” naturally won’t work.

When I was living in Costa Rica, I knew plenty of expat Americans who had lived there for over 10 years full-time and still could not speak half-decent Spanish!

So again it comes to active learning versus passive learning. You have to work on the language. The language will not come to you naturally, even if you are in the right environment.

Here’s what makes this program really unique:


It’s a step-by-step method — I’ve been working on this for many years, trying to figure out what is the system for learning languages in a flash. And I’m not satisfied with half-baked information, so that’s why I’ve waited for so long before releasing the fourth edition of my course.

Other books on the subject may give you some tips on learning languages effectively, but in none of them will you find a step-by-step method. Personally, I like clear information. I like to organize thoughts in a way that makes sense for the reader (that’s you!) and create systems that you can easily put in place and know that it’s going to work for you, every single time.

Checkmark It contains ALL of my secrets — In 2003, I released the first version of my product “How to Learn Any Language in a Flash.” It was basic, but very useful. Since then, I have learned a TON and have decided to put ALL of my best secrets and techniques in this new version. At least 60% of the content is new compared with the 2010 edition.
Checkmark It’s not sugar-coated. It’s based on what works — Sure, you can go to your local library and get books on “How to Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes a Day.” Do these methods actually work? I’ve tried almost all of the methods out there and I can testify that very few actually deliver. So that’s why I’ve spent so much time to research the secrets of professional linguists to find out how does one actually learn a language in a short period of time. I won’t lie to you and say that you won’t have to put in some efforts. But I can tell you that the effort will be well worth it because my method WORKS.
Checkmark I’ve done it myself — Few people out there can claim to be able to speak more than 3 or 4 languages, unless they are a professional linguist. The proof that my method works is that I actually have done it myself, and entirely in my spare time! I can effectively communicate in 6 languages, and learning languages is not my only hobby! I also play the guitar, practice sports, read a lot, and have many interests besides languages. So if in my spare time I could learn six languages, you can certainly learn any language you want even if you haven’t done it before.

Here’s what you’ll get with my program:

When you order the program “How to Learn Any Language in a Flash”, you’ll get instant access to my method, which includes:

The book “How to Learn Any Language in a Flash” — The “meat” of my course is the book “How to Learn Any Language in a Flash”. In this book, I present my "Mix and Match" method for learning languages,, where you simply choose a few out of over 10 different approaches that are proven to be the best for language aquisition.

This is not a meager eBook. It's comprehensive, over 150 pages long, but just within the first few pages you'll already be ready to get started.

You'll get the step-by-step method that you can use to either build basic conversational proficiency in a few weeks, or achieve conversational fluency within a few months.

The book also goes into great details on how to achieve mastery of a foreign language — so the long stretch from intermediate to advanced.

You'll also get my Language Resource Guide — There’s a ton of new courses out there for learning languages. We have Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Instant Immersion, and many others. What should you think of all of them?

Well the good thing about having me as your teacher is that I’m an addict for language methods myself. I separate them into different categories: those that “suck”, those that are “good” and those that are “outstanding”.

In a section of the book, you’ll get my reviews of the most popular methods out there, as well as lots of FREE resources that you should know when trying to learn any language.

Core Vocabulary List — For years, I’ve wanted to find a good list for building core vocabulary. After reading an amazing book in Spanish by a Spanish linguist and memory expert, I have finally found a table that enables you to build core vocabulary in any language.

This list is amazing. You can use it for any language. You just have to fill it the blanks and use the memory tricks I teach in my course to remember more vocabulary in no time. The list contains the 500 to 600 words that are the most important to know in ANY language, and even prioritizes them as to which should be learned first.

You will want to print out that list and use it as your main reference and worksheet as you learn the language of your choice.

Over 2 hours of video

A picture is worth a thousand words. With language learning, some concepts are better explained by video with examples.

That's why I recorded over 2 hours of videos for the new edition of the course, in order to explain to you how to make language learning work in practice.

The videos include:

* My one hour presentation on how to learn languages quickly, outlining the specific method to boost your memory retention.

* A review of most language learning methods and why I prefer one over all others.

* The differences between going from beginner (or false beginner)to intermediate, and going from intermediate to advanced. A completely different approach is required for each stretch!

* The best apps (for iPhone and Android devices) and how I use them to learn languages.

* The best method (and only) to develop a very large vocabulary.

* How to use videos and movies to learn languages: the good and wrong way to do it!

* And much more!

What's New in this Version of the Program?

The program "How to Learn Any Language in a Flash" is now in its fourth edition. Compared to the third edition (from 2010), at least 60% of the content is completely new! And the remaining 40% has been revised and updated.

Why did I update the program?

Language learning has been a cyclical interest for me. I have gone back to it several times in my life (I'm now 41), and every time I have discovered something new.

Naturally, my method has evolved over time.

Although the core of the method has not changed, I have refined my thinking in many areas and added new insights to the program.

I have also changed my mind on a few points, where I think I placed too much importance in the past.

Also, the smartphone revolution has completely changed the way we learn foreign languages. But along with it, it has brought many useless apps that don't deliver the promised results. Therefore, in this version, I needed to walk you through the world of apps and how to best use them for language learning.



With this course I offer you a powerful guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the content and value you get with this course, simply contact my staff within 60 days from the date of purchase at and send us a discreet note. No reason is needed, and you will receive a refund promptly. You must be satisfied.

That's a promise.
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